What is Your Child and Teen Expecting From You? An Amazing Age by Age Guide

Over the last 17 years, working in rural communities as in fast-paced mega-cities, I’ve seen that people everywhere are troubled by the same essential doubts, face the same dilemmas, and end up being conditioned by the same kind of limiting perceptions.

Right now, being a father of a nearly 3-year-old boy, helps me to be especially able to relate to other parents who struggle with many of the challenges of motherhood and fatherhood. Because today it seems more and more challenging to be a parent! And a child or teen too! 

The amazing research and news in psychology website, Hey Sigmund, has put together a quick guide of the essential developmental stages and the testing behaviours that you may experiencing with your child or teen. And what they expect from you! 

Even with my background in Psychology, I found this article very refreshing and extremely reader-friendly. It's like my son and wife are helping me to rediscover that growing up never ends. It's a continuous journey of learning, exploration and experimentation – for our children, teenagers and for us. Read the age by age guide here.

Finally, if you feel that you’re somehow stuck in any field of your family life, I invite you to contact me so that we can work together to bring the natural, positive and rebalancing flow into the fulfilling family life you deserve to enjoy. Sign up today for a free 30-minute counselling or life coaching session!

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