Counselling and Coaching Endorsments from Perth and Overseas

Luisa Martins, Social Work Coordinator – Chapitô

'Your work with our challenging young people was highlighted by the serenity that characterises you. Gave them the security and strength to grow in a positive way. Equally important was your smile and openness for life, which provided them hope. All these enduring characteristics reflect, in my opinion, a great balance and inner peace. We still miss you!'

Gayatrii, Acupuncturist 

'Hugo is a patient, kind and empathetic human being. He is very respectful of diversity and rejecting all forms of discrimination. I'm truly thankful and honoured to have Hugo as a colleague.'

Ana Sousa, Academic

'It was a pleasure of working with Hugo in Mozambique and Timor-Leste. During this time, we worked together on multiple projects related to education and community work, improving the lives of individuals and their communities. Hugo is a person with a passion for serving others. A very experienced empathetic listener. He not only skillfully helps others to look deeply into what makes them stuck in life, but also can turn their potential into constructive and quantifiable successes. He has a very impressive and diverse background and profile, having worked and lived like a local in four continents. He understands well the human common doubts and dilemmas in the quest for happiness and fulfilment.'