pick one. And, just try iT!

Life happens. It’s demanding and stressful. And its many chapters unfold in ways that will eventually pose challenges to how you view it and take it forward. You have days when it seems impossible to achieve your purpose. To make your dreams come true. And, if you have young children – like me – it seems even more difficult.

As someone that has studied and worked in Psychology, Counselling, and Coaching, who has lived and worked in four continents of the world, I’ve seen how much life weighs on people, all across the world. We are in the same boat. With the same essential worries and dilemmas. And, conditioned by the same limiting perceptions.

How do you keep going with all your responsibilities, and still maintain your inner balance?

Let me share with you what I’ve found through my studies and my work with countless individuals in Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. How I learned from each and every one. Discovered their best strategies. And became a good juggler. Let me tell you what you won’t find in school manuals, what friends and family haven’t taught you.  


Pause and see what you’re creating in your life


Each day is precious. A unique opportunity to reflect, grow and improve. And, all your actions matter, as they create the future. As the Irish writer James Joyce has said – “I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I establish today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day.” It seems quite obvious, yet we get lost in the ongoing turmoil of our, apparently, full lives. We don’t stop and pay attention to ourselves.  

With this article, my intention is to help you help you to identify and let go of perceived or self-imposed barriers, and to unleash your ability to be fulfilled, and mix it with your natural desire to be happy. Because, as Maezumi Roshi, a Zen master that came from Japan to the West has said - "No one can live your life except you. No one can live my life except I. You are responsible, I am responsible." Are you ready to rethink? And, to do the basics, simplifying your life and adding meaning to it. 

With the following morning habits, I’ve seen radical changes in my life. And, I want to share this with you because I want to see you moving forward. Here’s the thing…


So what happens next? Honestly, I don’t know - it's in your hands. But, if you feel that you’re somehow stuck in any field of your life, I invite you to try these practises. At least one. Just do it and find out if they make sense in your life. My recommendation to you...


  1. Integrate: Make them part of your daily habits, like eating or drinking
  2. Be Realistic: 5 to 10 minutes/day and build on from that
  3. Commit: To see results, you have to do it


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