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Counselling is an effective way to get help with the issues you may be facing in your life. You can get help with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, work, self-esteem, and many other life challenges and adjustments. Like starting your journey into motherhood or fatherhood.


When I’m with a client, I employ the level of presence, precision, and commitment you’d expect from the finest human being – not another counsellor or doctor.  


Through mindful and active listening, I will begin to perceive what’s happening from your point of view and will help you see the situation more clearly, possibly through a different pair of lens. Indeed, this form of professional relationship allows you to make new and healthier choices, implement new changes faster, and reduce the instability you may have in your life. Plus, I will not offer advice or direct you in a specific direction or lead you to make a particular choice. The emphasis is placed on your internal resources and assets, and the natural ability to grow that exists in every person. Even you.


I will listen to you. In a new way. And my ultimate purpose is to set you free.


With Counselling, you can explore, in a safe and confidential way, the various aspects of your life and feelings by speaking freely and openly in a way that is rarely possible with friends, family, and work colleagues. Feelings that are often hidden or repressed, such as fear, anxiety, mourning, pain and humiliation, can become very intense and disruptive to your wellbeing if there’s not an opportunity to work them constructively. Also, I will provide a setting in which you realize your new insights - see yourself more clearly and accept your attitudes more fully. This growth is the personal discovery of the path of adjustment to the realities and demands of life.

Briefly, Counselling is a place where you can, profoundly, experience empathy, understanding and acceptance. A new and unique moment in your life where you can make a more objective assessment of the issues you may be facing and find new strategies for fresh resolutions and growth.

In my view, this is what Counselling is all about - a way to help you to help yourself. To allow you to have a stronger self-understanding of what’s happening and to make new changes in your life.


Take the first step. Start doing what you can.

With what’s available. And imagine yourself happier. I’m here to walk it with you.


So, if you feel that you’re somehow exhausted with stress, anxiety, depression, relationships, work, divorce, grief and loss or any other life challenges and adjustments, I invite you to contact me so that we can work together to bring the natural, positive and rebalancing flow into the fulfilling life you deserve to enjoy. I know that choosing to work with a Counsellor is a major decision. But I trust you. You’re here. Reading this.

Thank you so much for taking the time to discover what’s Counselling, and for taking your first step to unleashing your best self.  I’m thrilled we’re connected, and I’m excited for the journey ahead.


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