Why do people get in touch with me and ask for my support

books, google search or one-on-one support

Why do people get in touch with me and ask for my support? This is a question I already asked myself many times.

Why would they choose to pay my fees to get special one-on-one assistance instead of simply buying a book and reading it? Or just going online to find solutions for themselves? Or asking for advice in their Facebook wall?

After all, we live in an age of information. Smartphones. Always connected. There’s literally nothing you can’t research. In a few seconds.

Well, in my opinion - and 17 years of professional experience in Europe, Africa, Asia, and now Australia - here’s why people choose me or another counselling or coaching professional: 

They basically want to be advised on their particular and unique situation. Because the outcome they are in search of needs to work for them. To their particular and exclusive situation.


we all need


To put it differently: they need to be listened. Accepted. Understood. 

And this is the central difference between what I do - counselling and coaching – and other kinds of information. An essential difference between having a counsellor or a coach and reading a self-help book. Or watching a video on YouTube. Or ranting on Facebook about a situation. Or being in the audience of a conference.  A counsellor or coach will “get it.” Will listen. Will understand. You. Your situation. And your priorities. 

A book, a video, or a sum of friends comments on your post can’t do that. 

That’s why I always start with: understanding the client. 


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Let me know if you have any questions. I’m always here to help.