Ana's Story

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Found my balance & happiness.

Hugo helped me through an extremely difficult phase of my life. At that time, I had daily anxiety attacks - sometimes several per day, I wasn’t sleeping well, and everything worried me beyond normal.

Before the first session, I remember that I looked in the mirror and could not recognise myself ... my dull eyes did not seem to have any life, and the features of my face were so charged that there were marked lines in places where my smile should. I trained smiles in the mirror, trained my speech about the problems I was going to share and went to Hugo in the hope that only my presence there would make me leave this deep place, where I was. Mindfully and empathically, I was heard throughout the sessions. The conversations I had with Hugo moved me from the speech in my mind to the real problems and what needed to be done. Hugo helped me to get in and out there without forcing me, and he was there with me when I realised what caused me pain. His words and his presence helped me return to the world.

Hugo’s solid experience helped me through the most difficult phase of my life. He helped me to embrace my rebuilt a new self. Today, I speak openly about what happened, with the intention of being able to help others seek the help I’ve had, and I feel that I’ve been reborn from my ashes as if I were a Phoenix.

Thank you, Hugo.